June 9, 2016

Digital Printing

As with every other industry going digital, printing is no exception. Digital printing has revolutionized the way the printing industry has viewed short to long run, full color and variable data printing. Digital printing does not require the processes of making films, plates or inking up the press. This reduces set-up time and labor, therefore lowering prep charges versus flexographic printing.

With our multiple HP Indigo Digital presses, QTL can offer a wide range of packaging at an economical cost compared to flexo. Like flexo, digital can print on a variety of substrates which include paper, films, metallics, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging & tag stocks. If you don’t see your application or have questions regarding digital printing, call QTL today.

Why Chose QTL’s Digital Printing?

  • Industry Leader
    QTL was one of the first adopters of digital printing. We purchased our first digital press in 2008 & have learned how to maximize the capabilities and designs of the press. By working with QTL you are partnering with one of the top digital printers in the world.
  • Fast Turnaround
    With no plates and little or no setup, we can have your job ready to print within minutes. Plus we have the flexibility to get your job on and off the press quickly without costly setup fees or change-overs.
  • High Quality & Color Consistency (Expanded Gamut)slider3
    Digital Printing offers high quality and higher resolution that flexo just can not match. Every label will feature crisp text and unparalleled registration. Take your creativity to new heights as you are no longer bound by the rules of the old flexographic printing world.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    Due to many factors, including the lack of a tedious setup process, Digital Printing is more cost effective, especially for smaller quantities. You will receive no plate charges, little or no setup fees, and minimal change-over costs. All of this adds up to a cost savings for you. Additionally, since there are no plates in digital printing, you have the freedom to update your label or brand anytime without costly new plate charges. Cutting dies for digital labels are a fraction of the cost of flexo dies.
  • Just In Time
    Digital Printing allows you to order only the quantities you need rather than larger quantities just to get to a specific unit price. QTL will work with its customers on a JIT delivery system that we will designed to your specific needs. JIT will save you inventory cost and space.
  • Variable Data & Personalization
    The ability to print variable data including barcodes, consecutive numbers, or even variable 4-color process images can give your company unparalleled flexibility. Anything from retailer/customer specific labels to seasonal packaging.
  • Security Printing
    Watermarks & Microtext